Ways to bank

At Advance Savings,  you can access your accounts anywhere, anytime. And whether in person, on the phone, online or through your mobile device, we’ve got all the ways to bank that fit your lifestyle.

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It’s easier than ever to send money anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your home. International Transfers is a new service that allows you to send money 24/7, around the world. It’s easy, secure, and conveniently available 24/7 through your online banking.

  • 24/7 access through online banking
  • Ability to transfer from CAD funds to 20 currencies and added convenienceof transferring funds between your Canadian and US accounts, domestically.
  • Low transaction feesto move fundsinternationally $2.50 standard fee; no fee for transfers exceeding $500
  • Access to competitive live exchange rates. 
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Dedicated membersupport.

Frequently asked questions:

Have a question about sending money internationally through your online banking? Check here for the answer. Don’t see your question? We’re here to help! Contact us for more information.

Who can send an international transfer?

International Transfers is available to all personal members that have online banking and register for the product.

How do I send an international transfer?
  1. Complete your one-time registration through online banking to get started
  2. Add your recipient so we know who to send the money to
  3. Book your international transfer
  4. Done!

What do I need to get setup?

You will need:
  • A chequing orsavings account
  • Access to your online banking
  • Government issued photo i.d. (e.g. a drivers’ license or passport) ready to upload
  • The recipient’s contact information and bank account details

What information do I need to register?

As part of the registration process, you will need to provide basic personal information, answer a few questions regarding transfer behaviour and select the countries in which you are planning to send money as well as the information on the recipient you wish to send funds. You will also need to upload your government issued photo ID for identity verification. Be sure to have your ID available and accessible for upload.

When, where, and how often can I send international transfers?

Anytime, anywhere, directly through your online banking. You can use the service as much as you like, provided the transfers are within your transfer limit and there are enough funds in the account.

Once I’m registered, can I send a transfer right away?

As this verification is completed in real-time, you can send a transfer within a few minutes

When will my recipient receive the transfer?

Transfers within North America are delivered next day and two to three business days for other destinations. You will receive an email notification when the funds move from your account and another notification when they are received by your recipient.

How safe is my transfer?

Your transfer is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, automated identity verification, anti-money laundering procedures, automated online checks, and advanced anti-fraud safeguards—all through a FINTRAC-regulated entity.

How do I keep track ofmy transfer?

Your transfer will appear in your transaction history in online banking in real-time, plus, you’ll receive an email notification when the transfer has left your account and when it arrives at the recipient’s account.

What are the exchange rates?

This service offers live pricing which means you get the real exchange rate–every time.

Is my transfer amount guaranteed?

Yes, what is sent is what is received—there are no deductions.

Are there any fees for International Transfers?

International Transfers is lower cost than wire transfers and many other options in today’s market. For transfers greater than $500 there is no fee and for transfers less than $500 there is a small fee of $2.50 for most destinations. Once the transfer is complete, your account will be debited the amount you want to send plus exchange and the applicable fee

Can I use this service to transfer funds between my CAD account and my USD account in Canada?

Yes—International Transfers can be used to exchange currency between your CAD account and your USD account here in Canada. This process will take two business days to complete

Where can I send money?

You can send money to more than 20 countries worldwide.

How do I use International Transfers?

Through your online banking:
  1. Sign into your online banking
  2. Select “Transfers” and then “International Transfers”
  3. Follow the instructions
On your credit union app:
  1. Open and sign into the app
  2. Select “Transfers” then “International Transfers”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
How do I update my personal information or add a new country destination?

It’s easy—all you need to do is call International Transfers Support (1-604-256-6200) between 10am-10pm AST. A representative from International Transfers support team will ask you a few questions to confirm your identity and will update your information in real-time. You are then ready to send your next transfer.

Where can I get support for International Transfers? 

International Transfers service contact the International Transfers Support Team: 
Telephone: 604-256-6200
Email: support@internationaltransfers.ca

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Advance Savings offers easy way to pay! Whether you use an Apple device, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or Android device, you can load your Interac® debit card for secure and easy purchases. 
  1. On your smartphone, download Google Wallet, Samsung Pay or open your Apple Wallet.
  2. Take a picture of your debit card using in the app
  3. Verify your identity through SMS, email or by phone.  
Contact us today if you need help adding a Card to Google Wallet, Samsung Pay on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Click here for mobile wallet terms & conditions.

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Your bank accounts can never be too safe. For added protection we've added a feature that automatically sends you an email and/or text message to alert you of certain changes to your account made through online banking.

There is no sign-up fee to receive Alerts however; your wireless carrier may charge you for receiving text messages and for data usage. Please check with your wireless carrier for details about your account package.

How to set up your Alerts:
  1. Sign-in to your online banking account.
  2. Go to "Messages and Alerts".
  3. Under "Alerts", you can choose the Alerts you'd like to receive – any or all. (You can also turn off or change your Alert choices here.)
  4. Under "Alerts Contacts", enter the email address and/or the mobile phone number where you would like to receive your Alerts. (Our privacy code ensures that your personal information will remain secure)

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Our MemberDirect online banking platform is safe, secure, efficient, and easy to use. You can pay bills, transfer funds, send money, receive important notifications, open new accounts in seconds, and more:
  • Send and request money with Interac e-Transfer
  • Pay your bills
  • Transfer money between  your  accounts
  • Review your statements  
  • Set up alerts, and more!
Our online banking is safeguarded with the best security available.

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Download the Advance Savings Mobile Banking App for your Apple or Android device and get instant access to your accounts anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy many of the same features as online banking, plus:
  • View your favourite account balances with QuickView;
  • Sign in with Touch ID
  • Deposit cheques with Deposit Anywhere
  • Instantly Lock’N’Block your debit card
  • Find a credit union branch or a ding free ATM

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    With your MemberCard debit card you can withdraw cash, make Interac debit payments, deposit cash and cheques to your accounts, transfer funds, and pay utility bills at select ATMs.

    Interac Flash allows you to make everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently with a simple tap of your card at the checkout. You can use it at merchants across Canada – wherever you see the Interac Flash logo.

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    Visit us at any one of our branch locations in southeastern New Brunswick during branch hours. Whether it’s to help assist with managing your accounts, offer financial advice or just to chat about everyday life – we love catching up with our Members.

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    Choose telephone banking for all of your daily needs or connect with Advance Savings whenever you need assistance, advice or access to your accounts. Our Member Representatives can help with loans, lines of credit, mortgages, investments and more.

    You can also access your account 24/7 through our automated TeleService telephone banking line at 1.800.963.4848 and check balances, pay bills, transfer funds and make payments.

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    Get free access to your money anytime, anywhere, on THE EXCHANGE Network® – one of Canada’s largest ATM networks, which features over 3,700 surcharge-free ATMs. 

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    Deposit Anywhere™ is a time-saving feature of our Mobile App. It allows our members to deposit cheques—wherever and whenever—via their mobile device. You can simply open the app, enter the amount of the cheque, snap a picture with  your device’s camera, and submit the deposit.

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      Interac® e-Transfers allow you to send money in minutes to anyone with an email address and an account at a Canadian credit union or bank. The process is simple, convenient and secure. It's a great alternative to cheques and cash.

      Lock'N'Block Expand/Collapse

      Lock’N’Block™ is a new, first of its kind, card block service that allows our members to lock their debit card or block specific transaction types by using the mobile app, mobile web, or online banking. When the card is “locked” all transactions are automatically declined, making fraudulent attempts to use the card either online, by phone, or at ATMs and POS devices virtually impossible.

      Find Branch/ATM

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