If you own a car, rent or own a home, run a business, travel or have a family, you’re going to need insurance. Adding insurance protects you and your family.  Advance Savings, through our affiliation with CUMIS Insurance and other partners, will connect you with friendly insurance professionals who will give you sound advice and access to a number of products and services at competitive rates.

Home & Auto Insurance Expand/Collapse

A trusted partner of Advance Savings, CUMIS provides comprehensive insurance protection for good drivers and responsible home owners like you.

Travel Insurance Expand/Collapse

When travelling outside the country, your governement health care doesn't travel with you. Ensure you have medical coverage incase of a suddent illness while you're travelling.

Loan & Mortgage Insurance Expand/Collapse

Loan & Mortgage Life Insurance

Life insurance provides our members with life insurance on personal loans. There are two types of credit life insurance: term insurance, and permanent or whole life insurance. If something happens to you, don’t let your family worry about bills.

Loan & Mortgage Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a protection plan that makes loan payments to Advance Savings on behalf of our member if you become totally and continuously disabled because of a sickness or accident. 

Loan & Mortgage Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance pays off our member’s loan or mortgage if they are diagnosed with certain life threatening illnesses. 

Loan & Mortgage Loss of Employment Insurance

Loss of employment insurance protects our members in case of an unknown layoff or loss of work and helps you make payments on your loan or mortgage.

Term Life Insurance Expand/Collapse

Through our valued partner, Advance Savings offers our members term life insurance to protect you and your family.

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